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M.S. in Speech Pathology, Teachers of Students
with Speech and Language Disabilities

* This site offers basic guidelines for Degree completion. The department may have additional restrictions in addition to the information below. Please see the Graduate Course Catalog for more information.

The Masters Program in Speech Pathology from the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology at SUNY Fredonia is designed to enable students to:

  1. Meet New York State Department of Education academic clinic requirements for Professional Certification in Speech and Language Disabilities;
  2. Meet New York State Department of Education academic requirements for New York State licensure in Speech Pathology;
  3. Meet American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) academic and clinic practicum requirements for the Certificate of Clinical Competency in Speech-Language Pathology (CCC-SLP).

The deadline for application is February 15th for admission in the following fall semester.

Please note additional program requirements. For general admission requirements, please see the Application Procedures.

Applicants who do not meet these requirements may be admitted conditionally by permission of the Speech Pathology Graduate Admissions Committee and approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies.
A minimum of 18 semester hours in speech pathology and audiology courses or permission of the chairperson is required for admission to all graduate courses.
Note: A minimum of 375 clock hours of supervised clinical practice is required for degree completion, of which 325 hours are at the graduate level.

Program Requirements Hours
a. The following three graduate courses will be taken prior to clinic rotation:

SPA 551 Neuroscience for Communication Disorders  
SPA 555 Dysphagia  
SPA 598 Voice Disorders  

b. One choice of the following is required:

SPA 619 Comprehensive Exam
SPA 629 Thesis/Directed Study Research

**Note: Students desiring the thesis/directed study option may take (1-6) credits as electives



c. Requirements for students in need of meeting criteria for Initial Certification are:

1) Two education courses: Literacy and Special Education
2) SPA 632 - Graduate Student Teaching

d. Other required courses for all graduate students (exceptions by permission of chairperson):
SPA 500 Language Problems in Children 3
SPA 502 x 3 semesters Clinical Practice, Communicative Disorders 3 x 3 = 9
SPA 530 Augmentative and Alternative Communication 3
SPA 582 Fluency Disorders 3
SPA 589 Professional Issues 2
SPA 605 Advanced Clinical Methods & Practice 10
SPA 606 Research Design in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology 3
SPA 608 Neurogenic Language Disorders 3
SPA 611 Motor Speech Disorders 3
SPA Professional Seminars 0
e. Students are able to choose 12 elective credits in 3 different semesters
SPA 520 Multicultural 3
SPA 552 Medical Terminology 3
SPA 554 Early Intervention 3
SPA 565 Instrumentation 3
SPA 575 Craniofacial 3
SPA 585 Auditory Processing Disorders 3
SPA 602 Topical Seminars 3
SPA 629 Directed Study - Methods/Thesis Research 1-6
Total Academic course credits (29 required, 12 departmental electives)
Total Clinic course credits

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