Graduate Studies Orientation

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Checklist for New Graduate Students

ü Consult with your advisor: Your advisor is your partner in planning your degree program and one of your most valuable resources.  Your advisor’s name is printed on your acceptance letter ( and may also be found by logging in to Your Connection (

ü Submit official transcripts: If you were still completing undergraduate coursework when you applied to grad school, you need to submit an official transcript showing that your undergraduate degree was conferred.  Please contact the Graduate Studies Office if you’re not sure you’ve met this requirement.

ü Check your Fredonia email: Your Fredonia email (  address is the email address to which all official university communications will be sent.  You may redirect your email to another email address, but please be aware that some campus offices will only respond to an email sent from your Fredonia email account.

ü Satisfy your conditions: If you were admitted conditionally, those conditions should be met as soon as possible so that you may become a fully-matriculated graduate student.  Your conditions are printed on your acceptance letter (   

ü Bookmarkthe University Catalog (, the Graduate Student Guide (, and the Current Student section of our website (   These documents contain policies, procedures, and information you need to navigate your graduate degree program.

ü Communicate with us; we’ll communicate with you!  We provide convenient ways to ask questions and stay informed.  IM us from our home page (; Join our Facebook group (; Follow us on Twitter (  We’re constantly trying new ways of keeping you in the loop. 


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