Graduate Studies



If you are seeking initial teaching certification with a Master's degree then we offer two graduate programs that do so.  The TESOL program and the MAT Adolescence Science Education program offer a curriculum of coursework needed for candidates to be recommended for intial teaching certification in the areas of TESOL grades K-12 and science education grades 7 - 12.

TESOL: Track 3

The Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) program is designed to train candidates in teaching English to students who are acquiring English as their second language.  Candidates who do not currently hold NYS initial teaching certification will enter the TESOL program under track 3.

Additional Track 3 Requirements

EDU 225 - Developmental Psychology

Or one of the following:
EDU 224 - Adolescent Psychology
EDU 501 - Advanced Study: Child Psychology
EDU 502 - Psychology of Adolescence

EDU 250
Introduction to the Exceptional Learner
EDU 251 - Practicum
or equivalent graduate course to be approved by the Dean of the College of Education.

EDU 349 - Educational Psychology
or equivalent graduate course to be approved by the Dean of the College of Education.

Safe Schools/Healthy Students
EDU 301, EDU 302, EDU 303

Additional requirements:

  • Fingerprinting Requirement.
  • Completion of the LAST and ATS-W and other pertinent New York State examinations for New York State certification.
  • Candidate must meet all existing and current requirements as mandated by the New York State Education Department and NCATE.


MAT Adolescence Science Education

This is an accelerated (15 month) program that will provide all of the required course work, field experiences, and student teaching as well as selected courses in the content areas so that graduates will be eligible for both initial and professional certification in the science discipline in their first degree.

Pedagogical Core:

EDU 502

Psychology of Adolescence

EDU 508

Teaching Diverse Learners in Inclusive Settings

EDU 301

Safe Schools/Healthy Students: Child Abuse and Child Abduction

EDU 302

Safe Schools/Healthy Students: Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Abuse

EDU 303

Safe Schools/Healthy Students: Safety Education/Fire and Arson/School Violence


EDU 536

Adolescent Literature and Technology

Plus one of the following other courses:

   EDU 506

Introduction to Literacy Learning

   EDU 586

Literacy in the Content Areas

   EDU 587

Psychological Foundations of Literacy


SCED 560*

Foundations of Teaching Science to Adolescent Learners

SCED 660*

Developing Expertise in Science Teaching

SCED 680

Inquiry into Science Teaching in Context



6 credit hours of electives upon advisement

Supervised Teaching:

SCED 670

Student Teaching: Middle School

SCED 671

Student Teaching: High School

May include additional hours at the graduate or undergraduate level for candidates who want to also qualify for the general science 7-12 extension or multiple certificates.

* includes 50 hours of field experience each in middle and high school




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