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Frequently Asked Questions 

Student Health Center
State University of New York
Fredonia, NY 14063

Location:LoGrasso Hall

Phone: (716) 673-3131

Fax: (716) 673-4722


Office Hours

Academic Year

8:00 am-5:00 pm M-F


8:00 am-4:00 pm M-F


Who can visit the Student Health Center?

All currently enrolled Fredonia students are eligible to visit the Student Health Center.  We don't provide care to faculty, staff, visitors, or spouses/partners/dependents of students.

When is the Student Health Center open?

When classes are in session, the Student Health Center is open Monday thru Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  During the summer sessions, the Health Center is open Monday thru Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  Please refer to Clinical Hours for additional information.

What should I do in a medical emergency, or if the Student Health Center is closed?

Emergency care is always available at Brooks Memorial Hospital.  The hospital is located at 529 Central Ave, Dunkirk, approximately 3 miles from the campus.  For any emergency on campus or when an ambulance is needed, the University Police should be called at (716) 673-3131.  If there is an emergency when you are off campus, dial 911.

** Services received outside of the Student Health Center (i.e. area hospitals/emergency rooms, laboratories, specialists) are not covered by the Health fee, and are billed on a fee for services basis**

What health forms are required for new students?

Please see Incoming Students for more information

Are my records confidential?

Yes, please see Confidentiality for more information

How can I get a copy of my immunization records?

You can access your immunization records that are available on our Banner system using the following link.

View and print your immunization record

How can I get a copy of my medical records?

To obtain a copy of your medical records print , fill out and mail, fax or bring in to the student health center, The Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information which specifies to whom and about what illnesses or injury information may be released. (It isn’t a “blanket” release.) Exceptions may be made in the case of a legally executed subpoena, according to public health regulations or in the event of a life-threatening situation.

Absolutely no personal medical information will be communicated to patients or others via email. This type of information is given only in person or by telephone, after securing personal identification.

What services are available through the Student Health Center?

The Student Health Center provides currently registered students with primary care of acute illness and injury, health education, immunizations, preventative health and laboratory services. For more information about the services that we provide, please visit our Services page.

Is there a charge for visiting the Student Health Center?

The mandatory health fee all students pay as part of their tuition covers many of the services at the Student Health Center.  There may be charges for some services provided such as allergy shots, immunizations and emergency contraception.  All services provided outside the Student Health Center, such as outpatient laboratories, x-rays, and emergency room visits are the student's responsibility.  See Free or Fees and Health Insurance for additional information about coverage and costs.

Can I keep medications in my residence hall or on-campus apartment?

Your residence hall or campus apartment is your home, and you should feel comfortable keeping your medication there.  Just be responsible about their use and safekeeping.

Do I need Health Insurance?

Fredonia does not currently require students to have health insurance. It is strongly advised that insurance be maintained on all students to cover outside medical care and emergencies. Students should bring an insurance card to school with them. Many insurance plans limit services to your home area or require that diagnostic tests and prescriptions be ordered by your primary doctor. It is very important to know how your insurance works and if referrals are needed.

Can I get birth control on campus?

Yes. There is a student-run organization called the FredAssist. The office is located in LoGrasso Hall and is staffed with student volunteers during the day. Gynecological services are usually held in the evenings. Gynecological exams and birth control are provided for interested students at a very reasonable cost. Students can get more information by calling FredAssist at 673-3396. All services are kept confidential.

Does the Student Health Center give out medical excuses?

The Fredonia Student Health Center has adopted a strict policy of not writing notes for missed classes for routine illnesses. Students are encouraged to visit the health center when they do not have class. It is our belief, that students at the college level are adults and should be held accountable for attending class and fulfilling course requirements. They are encouraged to communicate directly with faculty if they are too ill to attend class. Faculty members are encouraged to take this policy into consideration when setting standards or requirements for class attendance. This policy is well publicized as it is posted in the health center, is included in all publications and is also on our web site.

In the event that the student will be absent from class for a major illness/injury or an operation/hospitalization, the Student Health Center will contact the Office of Student Affairs on the student’s behalf to notify them of their expected absence from classes for a specific duration of time.

Due to a strict adherence to our Privacy Policy, the Fredonia Student Health Center will not release any specific health information to faculty or staff. If a student wishes to have his/her medical information released to their primary care physicians office or to that of a specialty physician, they will be able to do so by completing an “Authorization for release of medical information form” found in the Student Health Center, and on our web site.

If I have comments or suggestions about the Student Health Center, whom should I contact?

Direct comments or suggestions about the Student Health Center should be directed to: Deborah Dibble, MS, FNP, Interim Director of the Student Health Center, Telephone:(716) 673-3131, Email:

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