Religious Studies

Dale Tuggy, Coordinator
Office: 2102 Fenton Hall
(716) 673-4892

The minor in Religious Studies is designed to give a student:

  • Knowledge of the basic history, core doctrines, and historical influence of at least the big five world religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
  • Familiarity with the basic concepts, methods, and theories of the field of Religious Studies.
  • Ability to compare different religious traditions regarding one or more of the several dimensions of religious traditions: narrative/mythic, doctrinal, practical/ritual, experiential, ethical, social, and artistic.
  • Increased self-knowledge: by studying several varieties of religiosity, the student should become more aware of her own religious beliefs, assumptions, values, practices, and social embeddedness, and be able to reflect critically on them.
  • Ability to extend one's knowledge of religions by critically navigating both primary sources and the secondary literature produced by various kinds of religious scholarship.

The minor consists of one required course together with five appropriate electives. Electives are regularly offered in the fields of Anthropology, English, History, Psychology, and Philosophy. See the document to the right for detailed minor requirements, and the link to the right for current and projected future offerings.

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