Featured International Alumni

Featured International Alumni

 Hirotaka Matsui     Hirotaka Matsui, Japan    BFA Ceramics,2009

 Mitsutake Yamada    Mitsutake Yamada, Japan    Sound Recording Technology & Piano Performance, 1990

Shinji Matsuyama           Shinji Matsuyama, Japan               Graphic Design, 2009

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Featured International Alumni

Name:  Chengcen Su
Major: Psychology 
Minor: Sociology
Graduation Year: 2010
Home Town: Chonqing, China


Q. How did you hear about SUNY Fredonia?


Q.Out of thousands of schools in the U.S., why Fredonia?

 1st, it's in SUNY system; 2nd, I love to studying in a small school, because that provides more chances to communicate with professors.

Q. What was the best class you took or the best professor you had?

A lot. Besides all my great major classes, I loved acting and pottery classes most.

Q. What was your most memorable experience at Fredonia?

TO establish a club, tutor experience, TA experience and 2 research experiences.

Q. Where are you currently working ?

To help family business at hometown

Q. How did SUNY Fredonia prepare you for your career?

 Fredonia taught me how to face challenge and difficulty.

Q. What is your career advise to future Fredonia Graduate?

Colloge is not only for studying academic knowledge, but also for learning how to define yourself. To set a long - term goal, and prepare earlier and well