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Emma Crans
Universite du Littoral

After I graduated from Fredonia, I considered going to graduate school, but I wanted to have some working experience first.  In August 2007 I moved to the Finger Lakes area of NY and started working in the retail shop at a winery where I met a German winemaker who I started dating.  After a few months I decided I wanted to pursue a more serious career, so I took a job as a Sales Manager for an insurance company.  I guess I figured out pretty quickly that it wasn't really the kind of job I wanted, so I started to look for something more exciting.  When my German boyfriend decided he wanted to go home to Germany and work in his family's winery, he asked me if I wanted to come with him.  This of course was a lot more exciting than working for an insurance company, so I booked a flight and went to Europe again.  I figured that it couldn't be worse than Dunkerque. :)  I arrived here in September 2008, not being able to speak a word of German, and signed up for a short, intensive, one month German course at Johannes Gutenburg University in Mainz.  (this city, by the way, would also be a great city for someone who wanted to do a study abroad in Germany) I've been here about 6 months now living and working at the winery here in Badenheim Germany (just south of Frankfurt) and I love it!  It's very exciting to learn a new language and meet new people.  I'm also currently speaking with a cruise company about working on their cruise ships a few times a year which I see as a great opportunity to work and travel.


Q. How did you hear about SUNY Fredonia?

I read the article about SUNY at Fredonia. It was written by Kanna Tanaka who is also Fredonia Graduate. I think she is the very first Japanese graduate of Fredonia.

Q. Out of thousands of schools in the U.S., why Fredonia?

The good reputation of Sound Recording Technology. 

Q. What was the best class you took or the best professor you had?

Piano performance lesson by Mr.Robert Jordan. 

Q. What was your most memorable experience at Fredonia?

Campus life! Dormitory.


Q. Where are you currently working?

Self employed

Q. How did SUNY Fredonia prepare you for your career?


Q. What is your career advice to future Fredonia Graduate?

Do not waste your time. Time goes so fast.


Q. What is the most important thing you learned at Fredonia?

How to live with music. 

Q. Did you stay in the U.S. or did you go back to your home country?

I stayed in the US. I got a green card. 

    - If you stayed in the U.S., how long did you stay?

15 years 

    - How did living and working in the U.S. help you later in your career?

There was always fair opportunity to everyone which made me confident to survive in the real world.


Q. Advise (Anything that you wish you had done more of at Fredonia)

Please enjoy the campus life. It will give you the beautiful memory. I always have it with me and always will.


Page modified 11/26/14