Featured International Alumni

Featured International Alumni

Mitsutake Yamada    Mitsutake Yamada, Japan    Sound Recording Technology & Piano Performance, 1990

Shinji Matsuyama           Shinji Matsuyama, Japan               Graphic Design, 2009

Featured International Alumni   Chengcen Su, China                  Psychology, 2010

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Hirotaka Matsui

Name: Hirotaka Matsui
Major: BFA Ceramics
Graduation Year: 2009
Home Town: Oita, Japan

Q. How did you hear about SUNY Fredonia?

When I was looking into info about US Universities at a local library, couple SUNY schools caught my attention. Then I went to the SUNY website online, and found about Fredonia.

Q. Out of thousands of schools in the U.S., why Fredonia?

Renowned, affordable, trustable.

Q. What was the best class you took or the best professor you had?

Robert Booth, teaches sculpture while he’s also the Chair of the Department of Visual Arts and New Media. He is one of the funniest, most inspiring, and most friendly professor in the school.
Interactive art with Douglas Mccord was also one of the most memorable classes. Doug’s teaching is very comprehensible and he was really available to everyone in the class for help. Very humble and friendly professor.

Q. What was your most memorable experience at Fredonia?

I always had the coolest roommates. Hanging out at the local bars BJs and EBC were surely the best times.

Q. Where are you currently working?

I am attending a school in Georgia called Savannah College of Art and Design, to attain a Master’s degree in the field of Industrial Design.

Q. How did SUNY Fredonia prepare you for your career?

By making me realize what I am really passionate about.

Q. What kind of resources did you use to find job?

I haven’t applied one yet, but website such as Monster.com and etc.

Q. What is the most important thing you learned at Fredonia?

The welcoming and friendly community here, contrary to those in urban schools, taught me so much about the country’s mentality: How to communicate and interact with people; the importance of them.

Q. Advise (Anything that you wish you had done more of at Fredonia)

I’ve done more than I expected, and I’m happy about that.
 A small advice to prospective int’l students: Never pretend you understand if you don’t; ask back 10 times if you have to!

Contact Info: hiro.scad@gmail.com

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