Pre Arrival



  • Clothes: The weather in Fredonia varies greatly throughout the year. In August, you will need cool, light clothing, as temperatures and humidity levels will generally be high. September through mid-November is generally pleasant with plenty of sun and moderate temperatures. Heavy snowfall is unlikely, but not unheard of, before late November. By late December, cold temperatures and high snowfall totals will probably make winter coats, hats, and gloves a daily necessity.  From December to early April cold temperatures and frequent snowfall are to be expected. May is somewhat rainy, but pleasant with milder temperatures. 
  • Credit card or traveler's checks, a small amount of US currency
  • Textbooks in your native language
  • Prescription medication & written prescription
  • Camera
  • Movies, video games, music to play on your lap top
  • Pod, calculator, dictionary.   The U.S. uses 120V, 60 Hz electrical outlet systems with flat blade plugs & flat blade with round grounding pin plugs. Be sure that your electronics meets these standards or that you have a converter/adapter.





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