Accepted Students AUBG

Congratulations on your acceptance into SUNY Fredonia's exchange program to the American University of Bulgaria in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria! The information below is in order of importance. Please follow the list accordingly. 


Important Things To Do Immediately:

  1. AUBG Application Form
  2. AUBG Housing Form
  3. Pay $750 non-refundable program deposit on-line
  4. Lifelong Learning Visiting Student Application (for SUNY Community College and non-SUNY students only)
  5. Apply for a passport if you don't already have one. You can download the application at:
  6. Get your transcript apostille See instructions and forms below**  
  7. Go to your local police department and have them fingerprint you.
  8. Submit an FBI Criminal History Request Form (
  9. Get 4 passport sized photos for the student visa

**AUBG Apostille Process:

AUBG Instructions -

Step 1 - Your transcript must be have an original, notarized Registrar's signature to start the apostille process.

Step 2 - Once your transcript has been notarized, you must send/take it to the county clerks office for verification of the notary's signature using this form: County Apostille Form

Step 3 - After your county clerk returns your transcripts, request the: New York Department of State Apostille

Registration Information:

  • SUNY Fredonia students- Get your PIN card from your advisor and register for INED 402.01 Study Abroad: Bulgaria-AUBG.  Important: You must change the credit hours to 15 because the default is 1.
  • Other SUNY university students- Register for 15 credit hours at your home campus.
  • SUNY Community College and Non-SUNY students- Complete the Lifelong Learning Visiting Student Application and submit that to the International Education Center at SUNY Fredonia. You will then need to register for 15 credit hours of INED 402.01 Study Abroad: AUBG -Bulgaria
  • Meet with your advisor to discuss your program abroad. SUNY Fredonia students should take the Overseas Study Course Approval Form and the Course Advisement Form with you to your appointment with your advisor. Return copies of both to the International Education Office.

Health Forms:

All SUNY students are required to complete the Student Health Information form below. All SUNY students are required to have health insurance that covers them internationally. Please check with your insurance provider to verify your coverage. A copy of your insurance card and a letter from your insurance company stating your coverage abroad is required as proof of insurance. If you are not covered internationally, check space "B" on the Proof of Insurance Form.

Financial Aid:

If you plan to use financial aid to pay for your study abroad expenses, take the program budget and Financial Aid Arrangements form to the Financial Aid Office and speak with an advisor there.

Additional Required Forms:

SUNY Fredonia Students ONLY Forms:

Visa Information:

As a study abroad student accepted for study at the American University in Bulgaria, you must have a long-term student visa, type D. To obtain this visa, you need to apply at the NYC Bulgarian Consulate .

Because the visa process is slow and time-consuming, you must allow time for it. Our experience shows that you should allow at least 20 working days for the Bulgarian Embassy to issue the visa

You should apply for a visa no later than July 25 if you have been accepted for the fall semester and no later than November 15 if you have been accepted for the spring semester.

 Additional visa information can be found on the AUBG website

Travel Information:

The nearest airport is the capital city of Bulgaria, Sofia, which is approximately one hour north of AUBG. In order to help coordinate travel, check the Academic Calendar to find the dates when class will be in session!

Balkanski Academic Center
Skaptopara Campus
American University in Bulgaria
54 Alexander Stamboliyski St.
Blagoevgrad 2700, Bulgaria


Page modified 5/11/15