Medieval Mysteries

United Kingdom: Medieval Mysteries

Course Number/Name: HIST/INED 399: Medieval Mysteries

Course Description:  

Students will explore medieval mysteries by visiting important medieval sites in Scotland an

d northern England. Stops in Edinburgh, Newcastle, Lindisfarne, and Durham and visits to Hadrian’s Wall, Viking archeological sites, medieval cathedrals and fortresses will provide background to the history of the region and the form a tion of Northumbrian culture. This seemingly quiet corner of northeastern England emerged as a place where Romans, Celts, Picts, Anglo-Saxons, and Vikings struggled to establish dominance. The city of York, our final destination, assumed a central role as a political, religious, and economic center of the first rank.  York became England’s “second city,” vying with London as an important political and religious center.  Against this background, students will see medieval Mystery (or “miracle”) Plays performed in York. Students will examine medieval popular religion and its relationship with civic and economic life. These interactive experiences will provide us with a greater understanding of medieval places, culture, and institutions.

Instructor: Mary Beth Sievens, Associate Professor Department of History 

Credits: 3 Undergraduate or 3 Graduate

Housing: Hotels & Apartments

Course Dates: July 6-21, 2014 

Eligible Participants: 2.5 GPA, Undergraduate Students in Good Academic Standing

Application Deadline:  February 15, 2014

Application Fee Deadline: March 1, 2014 ($150.00 nonrefundable)

Course Fees Deadline: March 30, 2014

Cost:  Summer 2014 Budget

Application: Submit an application to the International Education Center

Pay Online Button Pay the program deposit and course fee with electronic check or credit card online. 

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