SWUFE: Research Institute of Economics and Management (RIEM)

The goal of RIEM is to become an internationally acknowledged research education center and a leading think-tank in China.

The Research Institute of Economics and Management (RIEM) was established in 2006. RIEM is dedicated to high-quality teaching and research in economics, finance and management. All the faculty members ofSWUFE RIEM have received doctoral degrees from well-known universities in the US, UK, Australia and Canada, etc. RIEM frequently invites scholars from different countries for teaching and joint research. Each year, RIEM also holds several international conferences. RIEM set up its Overseas Study & Exchange Center (OSEC) in 2006. The aim of the Center is to promote and facilitate overseas academic study and exchange programs. So far, we have successful collaboration programs with several prestigious overseas universities on both postgraduate programs and undergraduate 2+2 programs. 

RIEM's undergraduate program was established in 2009, which is named "EMIIT," short for the Economics and Management International Immersion Talent Program. All courses in this program are taught in English and top international academic standards are applied. Students are under general economics and management education during their first and second years. In the third year, they choose two majors from the four that we offer: Economics, Finance, Management and Accounting.

Language of Instruction: English

Housing: Single Suites, Independent Living

Dates: Fall, Spring, Academic Year

Eligible Participants: Students must have completed at least one full year at their home university campus and be in good academic standing.

Application Deadlines:

  • Academic Year and Fall: March 1
  • Spring: October 15

Estimated Cost: Coming Soon

SWUFE Website:

Application: Submit an application and a copy of your transcripts to the Office of International Education 

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