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Security Patch Management

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In the ongoing effort to improve Windows computer security on campus, Information Technology Services deploys software security patches every Tuesday morning at 1:00 AM.

In order for faculty and staff Windows computers to receive these security patches without disruption to the individual it is important for each individual to log out of all applications and out of the computer at the end of the Monday workday and leave the computer powered on. 

Following are examples of the disruption to the user if the above advisory is not followed:

The MOST disruption occurs if the computer is powered down, as the deployment will not begin until the computer is started.  Then once the deployment is complete the user will be prompted to restart the computer.

Minor disruption will occur if the computer remained logged onto the network during the patch deployment at 1:00 am.  In this case the machine will not be automatically rebooted after the patch deployment and the user will be prompted to restart the computer.

Coming Soon--patch management for Macintosh computers!

Page modified 12/7/15