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Welcome to The State University of New York at Fredonia! If you are an incoming Freshman, Transfer or even a Returning student this is the place to find everything you need to know about Fredonia Information Technology Services before and during your arrival on campus. Also, check out our I’m New Here page for in-depth information on the many technology services provided across campus.

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Log Into Your Connection

Your Connection stores your confidential student information such as:

  • View and Reset eServices ID and Password
  • Register for Class
  • View Grades / Request Transcript
  • Accept Financial Aid Awards
  • Download Anti-Virus Software
  • Make Payments / View Account Holds
  • Complete Housing Application and Other Required Surveys


To Access Your Connection

Go to the Fredonia homepage found at At the bottom of the page click Your Connection.

 Use your FID as your User ID

Initially, the PIN is set to your date of birth using this format:
(2-digit month, 2-digit date, 2-digit year)
Once you have successfully logged in, you will be prompted to change your PIN and select three security questions.

Unable To Log In To Your Connection?

There are three ways to regain access

1)      Enter a request in FREDquest, instructions can be found here for FREDquest use.            

2)      Send an email message from your FREDmail account to or

3)   Go to the ITS Service Center or ResNet Offices

Locating Your e-Services ID and Password

Once you have successfully logged in, select “View Your User IDs and Passwords” as shown below

 Personal Information

Listed under Student ID’s and Passwords, will be your e-Services ID and default password.

Note: The listed default password will never update even if you change your password. It is for reference only.

What are e-Services:

  • FREDMail FREDMail
  • ANGEL Angel
  • Network / Lab Access
  • Wireless & FREDSecure FREDSecure
  • FREDquest FREDQuest
  • FRED@pps FRED@pps
  • Library Databases Library

Registering Your Password

This process only has to be done once but is required to access your FREDMail on mobile devices. When registering your password for use with mobile devices, you are not required to change your password. (Your existing password can be entered into all 3 fields.) To register your password, click here.

Register Password

Upon successful registration you will see the green success text shown above.

Accessing Your FREDmail (E-mail)

You can access FREDmail at To log in, use your current eServices username and password. If this is the first time you are logging in you will be presented with the terms of use for Google Apps. After reading these terms, scroll down to bottom of the screen and enter the special text (CAPTCHA text) into the provided field and click on I Accept.

To configure your mobile device to receive FREDmail, please see our instruction page here.


 Angel ANGEL is Fredonia’s online learning platform. You are automatically added to classes in ANGEL based on your course registration. Per class, professors are given the option to use or not use the ANGEL features.

ANGEL Features Include: Handouts, PowerPoint Presentations, Online Quizzes, Paper Submissions, Checking Grades, Online Discussion Activities and Library Reserve Information.

To login into ANGEL use your eServices username and password. Make sure to pay attention to the "SLN Test Your System" box which confirms if the web browser you are using is compatible with ANGEL. To start using ANGEL, go to the Fredonia homepage found at At the bottom of the page click the ANGEL button.

Preparing For Campus Arrival


Checklist Fredonia eServices Critical Checklist

Complete the following critical checklist before you come to campus! By doing this you will be ready to access Fredonia online resources and use your devices when you get to campus. To print this checklist, click here.

CheckmarkKnow your Your Connection User ID and PIN

Your Connection gives you access to your classes, grades, financial aid and eServices ID and password. To access Your Connection go to Need help logging in to Your Connection? Contact the ITS Service Center at 716-673-3407 or by email to


CheckmarkKnow your eServices ID and password

This username and password is used for logging in to the majority of Fredonia services such as e-mail, wireless, and ANGEL. To find your eServices ID and Password, log in to Your Connection and click on the View Your User IDs and Passwords link. Log in to FREDmail at  


CheckmarkRegister your eServices Password to access FREDmail on your Mobile Devices

Before you can access your FREDmail on any mobile device (ie: smartphone, iPad) you need to register your password. Help for setting up FREDmail on mobile devices can be found at


CheckmarkLike the ITS Service Center & ResNet Office on Facebook

For important advisories and updates about new services.


CheckmarkUpdate your anti-virus software installed on your personal computer

Updated anti-virus software is required to access the Internet on a personal computer. Download SEP Anti-virus software for no charge from Your Connection. Detailed instructions are available at


CheckmarkInstall all computer operating system critical security updates

For example, Microsoft Windows or Macintosh OS X. This is required to access the Internet on a personal computer. Having this done before you come to campus will help you get connected faster!


CheckmarkRemove all illegally downloaded copyrighted files from your personal computer For more information about Fredonia's policies and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act go to


CheckmarkMake sure all of your classes appear on ANGEL

Login to ANGEL at using your eServices User ID and password. Locate the nugget labeled courses and compare your course list on ANGEL to your course list on Your Connection. If a course is missing in ANGEL put in a FREDquest ticket at


If you find you need to purchase a computer or software Fredonia participates in several purchasing programs. For more information go to

Move-In Weekend

Connecting to Wireless Networks (SSIDs): Click the Links below to learn more about wireless connection options.

Wireless NetworkSetup FREDsecure   FREDsecure is the secure wireless network which utilizes 802.1X to provision WPA2-Enterprise to a diverse array of network devices campus-wide. It is highly recommended that all campus wireless network users utilize the FREDsecure service if you are accessing online financial services, online shopping and any official campus eService (ANGEL, FREDMail, YourConnection etc.). FREDsecure users need to utilize their eServices I.D. and password for access.  

Wireless NetworkSetup FREDguest

FREDguest is the open and clear (unsecured) wireless network available to guests on campus who wish to temporarily use the campus wireless network for basic web browsing. This wireless network is limited to utilizing TCP ports 80 (http) and 443 (https) and will include a session timeout. FREDguest users will need to be sponsored by a campus affiliate with an active eServices account to gain access.

Wireless NetworkSetup FREDmedia

FREDmedia is the open and clear (unsecured) wireless network exclusively designed for supported gaming and multi-media devices. Only supported devices will be permitted to connect to the FREDmedia wireless network. FREDmedia wireless network users need to utilize their eServices account to register their devices before being permitted to join the wireless network.


Connecting Gaming devices:

To connect your gaming device to the Fredonia network, please see the instructions found on the ResNet website.


Dorm Access Using Your FREDCard

Fredcard    Fredcard

24/7 access only to your own residence hall through the front door only

9pm to 7am: all residence hall doors with the exception of the front door have the alarms activated (all guests must sign in).

Handicapped accessible doors are available in most residence halls.

If you experience problems with your FREDcard's electronic door access, visit the ResNet Office in 154 McGinnies Hall.

If your card is physically damaged visit FSA, located on the first floor of Gregory Hall, for a replacement card.

Meal plan and additional information regarding FREDcard features can be found on the FSA website,



ResNet SWAT - Teams of ResNet technicians will be available to assist you in your residence hall lobbies during move-in weekend. Hours will be posted on our website (, Facebook (Fredonia ResNet) and throughout the residence halls prior to move-in weekend.

Getting Help


FREDQuest Fredonia’s Technology Trouble Ticket Reporting System

The FREDQuest system is used to track commonly occurring technology issues in the knowledgebase, and allow for students and staff to submit technology related questions or assistance requests. This is often the quickest way to resolve a technical issue or have a technical question answered. If you need help with campus technology services, this is the place to submit your request.

To submit a request, go to the Fredonia homepage found at At the bottom of the page click FREDQuest. At the top of the FREDQuest home page is a link titled "New Request". You will be asked to enter your e-Services ID and password and then to provide as much information about the problem you are experiencing as possible.

FREDQuest Request 


Where To Get Assistance

ITS Service Center

  • Assistance with eServices & Your Connection User ID and PIN
  • Assistance with technology-related problems and available to answer questions (ie: lab login, anti-virus software, email, wireless access, etc)
  • Provides information on network or system outages via Facebook and FREDQuest

W203 Thompson Hall • (716) 673-3407
Connect with us on Facebook: Fredonia ITS Service Center



  • Getting your personal networking device(s) connected
  • Personal hardware device and software assistance
  • FREDCard door access control
  • Residential network security


154 McGinnies Hall • (716) 673-3668
Connect with us on Facebook: Fredonia ResNet

Campus Network and Copyright Protection Policies

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