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What is FREDapps?
Through a partnership with Google, the State University of New York at Fredonia students, faculty, and staff can access the Google Apps for Education Edition, a suite of communication and collaboration tools designed to enhance our ability to work together. 
Gmail (FREDmail)
Keep your Fredonia e-mail address, but use Google’s advanced e-mail interface – without ads. Comes with a powerful spam filter.
Google Docs
Create and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online, and collaborate with others on group projects.
Change your password
for all eServices including
email, ANGEL, Google Apps,
campus computers and wireless.
Google Calendar
Organize your life—schedule your social and academic life, create personal calendars, share calendars with others, and invite friends to events.

Fredonia would like to thank the University of Minnesota and the University of Alaska for graciously sharing their Google Apps for Education content with us, portions of which were used to develop these web pages.

Page modified 8/4/14