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SUNY Fredonia has many computer labs for class as well as general use. For more information and hours, click on any of the labs below. 

Labs labeled as Closed are reserved for Majors only.
Open labs with a Class Schedule will be closed during those scheduled times.

Computer Lab Computer OS Open/ClosedClass ScheduleSeats
Fenton 2162 Windows Open Yes 25
Fenton 2164 Windows Open Yes 30
Fenton 2165 Windows Open No 17
Houghton 122 Windows Open Yes 25
Jewett 214 Mac/Windows Open No 14
Learning Center (Reed 4th) Windows Open No 8
McEwen G22 Windows Open No 50
Reed Library Windows/Mac Open No 50
Thompson W203 Windows/Mac Open No 26
Thompson W211/217 Windows Open Yes 32
Fenton 115 Windows/Mac Closed No 28
Igoe Photo Lab Macintosh Closed No 21
Mason 2016 Music Lab Macintosh Closed No 15
Mason 2017 Music Lab Macintosh Closed No 15
McEwen 103 Sheldon Lab Macintosh Closed Yes 20
McEwen 106 Media Arts Lab Macintosh Closed Yes 21
Rockefeller Arts 307 Macintosh Closed No 15
Rockefeller Arts 309 Macintosh Closed No 16
Rockefeller Arts 310 Print Room Macintosh Closed No 1
Rockefeller Arts Theatre CAD Lab Windows Closed No 9
Thompson E149 Speech Lab Windows Closed No 8
Thompson W112 Speech Lab Windows Closed No 3
Thompson E287 EDP Lab Windows Closed No 8
Thompson W229 Psychology Lab Windows Closed Yes 10

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