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Thompson TV Studio Before
Thompson TV Studio Lights
Thompson TV Studio Dark
Thompson TV Studio Setup
Thompson TV Studio Finished
Thompson TV Studio Setup
Thompson TV Studio Setup
Thompson TV Studio After
Thompson TV Studio After

During Summer 2010, Thompson Hall TV Studio was transformed into a state-of-the-art communications equipment and facilities studio.  The television studio supports Communications courses and programs by being equipped with the latest video production equipment as well as new studio lighting and a chroma green wall.

The TV Studio Gear List includes these new items:

  • Vision 3 Control Panel with Mnemonics Displays, Global-Store, Squeeze & Tease, WARP, and XFX Board
  • Videssence 2 soft lights
  • Videssence 2 lamp Asymmtrical wash lights
  • 750W RAMA 6” Fresnels
  • ETC Source 4-26 Ellipsoidals
  • 1000W HUI single cyc Units
  • ETC Source 4-25-50 Zooms
  • Custom Logo black and white glass gobos
  • wide Zone control screens
  • 55 Studio Line lamps
  • Two-fers 12/3 SJO Molded “Lex”
  • Double telescoping hanger

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