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OmniUpdate Support

OmniUpdate Campus (OU) is the campus web content management system (CMS). This support site provides step-by-step procedures and video tutorials for getting started with OU version 10.

The OU interface provides an intuitive way to manage web pages.  OU consists of a tabbed interface where each tab includes a horizontal menu. Clicking on a menu item reveals a panel that includes elements to deeper levels of functionality, for tasks such as editing pages and uploading new image files.

New Content
Content can created and managed within the Pages list view of the CMS. By navigating to Content > Pages, a user may create new pages and folders. The system is configured with templates, which are used to create new sections and pages. For more information about setting up new content, please see:

Creating New Pages in OU v10

Editing a Page
The WYSIWYG Editor is the most common way for users to edit pages in OU. The WYSIWYG Editor allows for a simplified experience of editing a page in many traditional word processors. For more information about editing a page, please see:

Editing Pages in OU v10

Editing an Image

The Image Editor allows images to be resized, cropped, rotated, and resized with zoom in the OU system. Images can be uploaded and edited all in one operation.  Additionally, images can be saved and renamed. The ability to edit an image allows large images to be resized before being added to a web page. For more information about editing an image, please see:

Editing Images in OU v10 

Pages can be published from the editing (staging) server to the live campus website (production server). Once a page, folder or site is published is it available on the World Wide Web.  For more information about publishing a page, please see:

Publishing pages in OU v10

Images and other binary files (PDFs, Word docs, etc.) can be uploaded through OmniUpdate. For more information about uploading, please see:

Uploading files to OU v10

Reverting a Page

Revert enables any previously published version of a page to be restored. Revert is available on the Versions screen, which shows a list of versions of a page. The Versions screen can be accessed from the folder view or from the Preview/Edit screen of a checked out page. Reverting a page makes the chosen revision the version available for editing on the staging server. It must be published to become the live version. For more information about reverting a page, please see: 

Reverting a Page in OU v10

For more information about OmniUpdate please see:

OmniUpdate Tips

 If your interested in making a google form for your site, please see:

How to create a Google form


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