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Uploading Content

iTunes U - Professional Development Center
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On this page you will find answers on how to upload content that you have created. There are answers about uploading to iTunes U as well as YouTube and other websites.

How do I upload files to my course?
What types of files can I upload to
iTunes U?

How can students upload their
podcast assignment to the
instructor's course?

What formats should I be exporting
How long should my video be? Should
I split it into parts/more specific parts?
How big should my video be? What
if it times-out while uploading to a
website/YouTube/iTunes U?
What is the best time to upload?  

How do I upload my files to my course?

Log in to your course in iTunes U by logging into ANGEL and launching iTunes U. In the iTunes application, navigate to your course page. On your course page, click on the 'Upload and Manage Files' link at the top right of the window. A new browser window will launch. If you see a security alert, click the Yes button. Click on the tab for the area where you want to upload your files. Next, click on the browse button and locate the file on your machine that you want to upload. The file will be added to the queue and start to upload. When you are finished, click the Done button.

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What types of files can I upload to iTunes U?

  • For audio - .m4a and .mp3
  • For video - .m4v, .mp4, and .mov
  • Text - .pdf

iTunes U does NOT support office document files such as .ppt (PowerPoint), .xls (Excel), or .doc (Word)

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How can students upload their podcast assignment to their instructor's course?

If you would like a "drop box" area for students in the iTunes U course, you must create a drop box tab. See the Getting Started guide for detailed instructions. This is the only area configured to allow uploads by students. Because this area functions as a drop box, students cannot delete the file once it has been uploaded. Instructors should encourage proper file name management. (For example, each student should not name their podcast "assignment #1", but something descriptive and specific to their file).

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What formats should I be exporting in?

If you are planning on uploading your video to iTunes U you will need a file in one of three formats. You will need a .m4v, .mp4, .mov.

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How long should my video be? Should I split it up into parts/more specific parts?

Your video should be as long as it needs to be to accomplish your goal. Certain sites do place restrictions on how long a video can be and/or file size. To see these restrictions continue reading this section.  If there are multiple topics in your video you can split them up by topic. It depends upon your preference.

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How big should my video be? What if it time-out while uploading to a website/youtube/iTunesU?

iTunes U has a size limit of 1 GB. When uploading to iTunes U it will time out after thirty (30) minutes. You can prevent it from timing out by opening the window for a new upload but hit cancel instead of uploading a new file. This process will start the thirty (30) minutes over.

YouTube, non-educational, has a ten (10) minute time limit on videos. YouTube does not time out.  For more info on YouTube help visit their website. Websites may have restrictions but it depends upon the website. For information on size restrictions or if there is a time out while uploading visit the website.

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When is the best time to upload?

For uploading you should be on a wired network and not a wireless network. If possible you should be on the school’s wired network. For uploading personal captures you must be on campus. If on campus before noon and after 3 pm are the best times. These are generally times with less traffic on the network.

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Page modified 12/7/15