Gift & Donation Policy


We value the donation of gifts to our collections and appreciate resources that support the mission of SUNY Fredonia.

The following are the guidelines for accepting gifts:

  • The library accepts materials that directly support the curriculum, enhance current research areas, support current curricular interests, add to the College archives or local history collections, or demonstrate literary merit.
  • As with purchases, the library will adhere to current cooperative collection development agreements in their decisions to add items to the collection
  • Gifts become the property of the College upon receipt, and the Library will determine the use or disposition of these materials.
  • Materials must be in good condition.
  • Materials not accepted into the collection will be discarded or sold and monies designated for building the collection.
  • Bookplates will be inserted into materials at the request of the donor.
  • Gifts will be acknowledged in a letter from the Library Director or the Collection Development Librarian.
  • Appraisals and/or lists of books donated are the responsibility of donors and must be completed before the donation is made to the Library. Donors should consult their tax advisors about the need for a professional appraisal.

Gifts for the Music or Juvenile Collection

Gifts for the Music or Juvenile Collection will be reviewed by the coordinator of the collection(s).

  • Questions about donations to the Music Collection should be directed to
    Kevin Michki
    Music Librarian
  • Questions about donations to the Juvenile Collection should be directed to
    Barbara Kittle
    Librarian-Coordinator of the Juvenile Collection
  • Questions about Gifts and Donations to all other areas of the collection should be directed to:

    Kathleen Sacco
    Assistant Director/Coordinator of Collections
    Reed Library

Page modified 11/26/14