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General Deselection Criteria

General Deselection Criteria for Library Materials
Last Updated: 7/17/2009

Items that meet any of these conditions will automatically be kept:

  • Item appears in Resources for College Libraries
  • Item appears in a recommended, discipline specific, professional bibliography
  • Item has circulated in the past 8 years since the library's implementation of the Aleph Library Management System

The following criteria should be used in assessing an item's value for retention, and should be applied for all subject matter:

  • Physical condition-- missing pages, text unreadable, water damage, poor paper quality, musty, beyond repair, or other factors which prohibit re-binding
  • Superseded editions not containing unique information, data, or providing a historical reference not available in the most current edition
  • Duplicate titles unless a proven demand exists for multiple copies
  • Trendy ephemera-items such as handwritten or printed papers which were originally expected to have only short-term usefulness or popularity
  • Currency or reliability of the resource's information has lost value
  • Superfluous subjects no longer relevant to the SUNY Fredonia curriculum. Item has very little or no apparent relevance to current or anticipated college programs
  • Copyright date-items that appear outdated based on the subject and scope of the work. Consult the Discipline Specific Criteria for further weeding guidance.
  • Government documents-physical items currently in the stacks that are available via a ".gov" Internet site. The stable url must be located and sent to the Cataloging dept. for revision of the permanent cataloging record prior to weeding the physical item.
  • Multi-volume sets- individual items under consideration for deselection should not be removed from multi-volume sets. Either the entire set should be deselected, or, all items in the set should be retained.  

To summarize the criteria for weeding the acronym MUSTY serves:

M Misleading and/or factually inaccurate

U Ugly-worn, and beyond mending or rebinding

S Superseded by a truly New edition or by a much better book

T Trivial- of no discernable literary or scientific value

Y Your collection has no use for this material, irrelevant to the needs of your clientele

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