Sigurd M. Rascher Collection

Sigurd M. Rascher Collection


Donor: Carina Raschèr
Date of Acquisition: 2004
Processed: 2010

Historical Background

Sigurd M. Raschèr (1907-2001) was a pioneering concert saxophonist. 

Contents and Inventory

The collection consists of materials that once belonged to Raschèr, including: Rascher with Contrabass

  • artifacts
  • artwork
  • audio materials
  • books
  • business documents
  • correspondence
  • general manuscripts
  • magazines
  • musical instruments
  • musical scores 
  • newspaper clippings
  • notes
  • photographs
  • press materials
  • programs
  • Raschèr’s manuscripts.

RascherIn 2010-2011, there was a comprehensive audio preservation and restoration project to digitize the audio materials contained in the collection. The audio materials contained are on a variety of formats, including: 78 RPM shellac, instantaneous transcription disc, 45 RPM disc, LP album, 1/4" reel to reel, cassette tape and CD.

In August 2012, Reed Library released the first scholarly publication to be created using the Raschèr Collection. The Raschèr Reader is a compendium of over 200 articles written by or about Sigurd Raschèr and compiled by Lee Patrick. The book presents such topics as: saxophone pedagogy, the nature of music, music education, history of the saxophone, the use of nuclear power, and much more. The book can be ordered through the e-store.

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