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Records of the Coalition on West Valley Nuclear Wastes

West Valley


Donor: The Coalition on West Valley Nuclear Wastes (CWVNW)
Date of Acquisition: January 2008
Processed: 2010
Inclusive Dates:1956-2008

Historical Background

The Coalition on West Valley Nuclear Wastes (CWVNW) is a true coalition of concerned people from western New York and local, state and national organizations. The Coalition was formed in 1974 to study the reprocessing operation of the nuclear fuel and buried waste practices at the West Valley nuclear site. Their group presumes that concerned citizens can learn, communicate, and participate effectively in the nuclear and environmental decisions to be made for the West Valley nuclear site. The Coalition's monitoring, advocating, lobbying, litigating, and acquiring of scientific, federal and state government information on West Valley has been met with modest success over the years. The Coalition's efforts helped implement the West Valley Demonstration Project of 1980. The Coalition exists to this present day, continuing to advocate for the proper maintenance, containment and disposition of nuclear wastes and promote environmental awareness of citizens and elected officials. More on The Coalition on West Valley Nuclear Wastes.

West Valley 2

Contents and Inventory

  • Government Documents
    A. International Publications
    B. National Publications
    C. State Publications
    D. Local Publications


  • Corporate Documents

    A. Argonne National Laboratory
    B. Dames & Moore
    C. Electronic Power Research Institute
    D. EG & G Idaho, Incorporated
    E. Nuclear Fuel Services, Inc.
    F. Westinghouse Electric Corporation
    G. West Valley Nuclear Service Company, Inc.

  • Coalition on West Valley Nuclear Wastes

    A. Meetings/Conferences
    B. Manuscripts
    C. Correspondence
    D. Coalition's Publications
    E. Finance/Membership
    F. Legislative Activities
    G. Legal Activities
    H. Campaigns/Outreach Programs
    I. Collected Research
    J. Library: Coalition-collected articles and books
    K. Subject Files
    L. Clippings
    M. Media
    N. Memorabilia

  • Publications of Related Organizations

For a complete collection inventory, more information on the collection, and partial legal/legislative chronology, see the Coalition on West Valley Finding Aid.

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