Friends of Reed Library

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Friends of Reed Library is to help promote a dynamic and mutually beneficial relationship between the college library, the community and surrounding areas. The Friends also raise funds to assist in obtaining items to enhance the library's budget.


Thomas and Gerda Morrissey, Co-Presidents
Trudy Wojcik, Vice President
Joan Lyons, Treasurer

History and Activities

The Friends of Daniel A. Reed Library was organized in 1973 to promote awareness of and interest in Reed Library, to help the Library acquire important materials to enhance its special collections, to promote the Library's growth and development, especially in such areas as

In 1995-96, the Friends took on a very challenging project of publishing a book which includes a facsimile reproduction of a manuscript in our Local History Collection, Anna Clift Smith's Van Buren Life.

Anna Clift Smith

Image from the Diary of Anna Clift SmithAn excerpt from Anna's diary:

"Once in a great while I have a streak of energy. In those rare moments I hastily grab my painting kit and sally forth in quest of a picture -- I don't always get it, but sometimes I do. The other morning as I sat by the sitting room window, I happened to glance out and saw the following. The sun was just rising, and its first level rays touched the shifting fog bank what waved and undulated across the still surface of the lake. I say still, and yet a low smooth swell rose and fell in glassy lines.

Near shore the water could be seen, but only a short distance out, the fog began, at first in stringy, soft veils that rose like spots of steam from the water and yet farther out it deepened gradually into the dense bank of mist. It was turned to pure gold by the sunlight, and the water was gold and pales of sea greens.

Above, the sky was deepest cerulean blue softening to green, then pale salmon and at last melting into the low bank of yellow mist. One point stood out darkly, and around it shifted, coiled and broke the fog. It was a dream, and I hastily grabbed pastels and took a color note. Later I took a pencil note of the wave action around the base of the cliff, and began the picture. I expect to finish it before long, and have great hopes for it."
©1996 Friends of Reed Library

Anna Clift Smith.

Publications of Friends of Reed Library:

Smith, Anna Clift.
Anna Clift Smith's Van Buren Life, with an essay on Anna's Life and Times.

Zweig, Stefan.
Thanks to Books. Translated by Dr. Harry Zohn.

Zweig, Stefan
Farewell to Rilke. Translated by Dr. Marion Sonnenfeld.

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