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Library Liaisons to Departments

Departmental Liaisons

Reed library is restructuring it's liaison program to provide departments with the best library services.

Please direct all questions about book allocations and ordering to Kathleen Sacco

All other questions can be sent to the reference desk: 716-673-3222 or

Department Chair or Dean Liaison Librarian
Biology Patricia Astry  
Business Administration Mojtaba Seyedian  
Business, School of Russell Boisjoly  
Chemistry and Biochemistry Thomas Janik  
Communication Kay McDonaugh  
Computer and Information Sciences Renata Barneva  
Curriculum and Instruction Mira Berkley (handled as College, has committee)  
Economics Peter Reinhelt  
Education, College of Christine Givner  (selection comm. chair: Cindy Bird)  
English Ann Siegle Drege (selector: Ted Steinberg)  
Geosciences Gordon Baird  
History  Mary Beth Sievens  
Learning, Language, and Leadership Anna Thibodeau  (handled as College, has committee)  
Mathematical Sciences Joseph Straight (selector: Meral Arnavut)  
Modern Languages & Literature Juan Antonio de Urda Anguita  
Music, School of Karl Boelter (all requests go via Kevin Michki)  
Philosophy Steve Kershnar  
Physics Justin Conroy  
Politics and International Affairs David Rankin  
Psychology Cheryl Drout  
Sociology, Anthropology, Soc. Work & Crim. Justice Mary Carney(Joy Bilharz, selector)  
Communication Disorders and Sciences Kim Tillery  
Applied Professional Studies Penny Hite  
Theater and Dance Thomas Loughlin  
Visual Art & New Media  Robert Booth (selector: Megan Urban)  
Juvenile collection  Barbara Kittle  

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