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Effective Fall 2011 the Archives in Reed Library at SUNY Fredonia will begin receiving an electronic copy of each master’s thesis and capstone projects submitted for a degree on the SUNY Fredonia campus. Each thesis will be catalogued and available through the library’s online catalog. Capstones will be visible via a digitalized spreadsheet. All works will be accessible in full-text version as a PDF.


E lectronic Copies

Current theses and capstone projects are digitized in the SUNY DSpace database. Digitized copies will be available starting in Spring 2012. Check the library catalog if you are looking for a recent or current theses or capstone. Master theses will appear in the catalog after conferral of the degree by the Graduate Studies Office and generally appear before or by the following semester. Capstones will appear in the catalog after conferral of the degree by the College of Education Dean and generally appear before or by the following semester.

 Print (Archival) Copies of Theses

To view available Theses, please click here (Excel Spreadsheet)

Master’s theses (print) from 1967 to Fall 2011 are currently stored in the Reed Library’s archives. You can access the complete listing by going to this link (hyperlink to excel spreadsheet here). Viewing of physical copies is only in the Reed Library archives and can be requested by e-mailing special.collections@fredonia.edu.

 Locating Theses and Capstones in the Library Catalog

Locate theses and capstones in Reed Library through the main catalog can be found by limiting your search to "Master Theses Collection" or "Capstone Projects" in the basic search. For better retrieval click on the "Advanced” tab to index the catalog to specific theses and capstones in the collection. You can search by author, title, and subject and by department issuing the degree. Both collections will include a listing of recent and in-process projects (items being currently catalogued).

Searching by Keyword

Theses and Capstones at Reed Library receive standard "subject/keyword” headings and also local subject/keyword headings for better retrieval through the catalog. Reed Library Theses and Capstones (Effective Spring 2012) are viewable in full-text in an open access resource called DSpace.

In the past, master’s theses produced at SUNY Fredonia were available only in print form through the Archives and Special Collections at the Daniel A. Reed Library. These works were not cataloged and did not circulate, limiting access to on-site use only. The goal of this initiative is:

  1. To make all future theses/capstones available through the SUNY Fredonia Reed Library Catalog;
  2. To provide access to theses/capstones in a non-print format that will be easily accessible and widely available to not only the college community, but to the scholarly community as a whole;
  3. To provide access to non-digitized versions of former SUNY Fredonia students' work.
  4. To call attention to the quality of work being done by SUNY Fredonia advanced degree students.

All theses or final projects produced as part of advanced degree conferral requirements will also be made digitally available through the State University of New York Digital Repository using DSpace software. DSpace software, jointly developed by MIT and Hewlett-Packard, creates a permanent online repository for digital collections that is fully text searchable through online search engines. Beyond benefiting researchers and the institution, this program has the potential to benefit the authors of the individual works by making their work and research more readily available for reference and citation by the larger academic community. Thesis authors retain the copyright to their work, but are required to provide SUNY Fredonia with permission to make the work accessible.

Questions about procedures for submitting master theses or capstone projects should be referred to your department.

Additional information regarding the SUNY Digital Repository can be found at http://dspace.sunyconnect.suny.edu/.

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