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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Questions
Collections at Fredonia

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Step back a moment and glance at the images in this online exhibit. Seventeen out of thousands, these are just a sampling of what is available for research here at SUNY Fredonia. These seventeen were chosen because, in one manner or another, they are representative of what some of the possibilities are in our collections. Whether you are interested in the history of the College or the local area, Seneca Nation history or in the papers of an individual such as Stefan Zweig, Archives and Special Collections may be able to help you in your research. We have all heard the saying that "a picture is worth a thousand words." Perhaps, when it comes to research, it may be more appropriate to say that a picture is worth a thousand questions - questions that can guide and inspire us. What kind of saxophone is Sigurd Rascher playing? Was it one that he preferred? What does the "N" stand for on the women's jerseys? How was the planned route of the Erie Canal different from the final construction? What was Stefan Zweig's background and upbringing? What are the fish in that picture, and why have I not seen them before? These and more - many more - can be asked of the images in this exhibit. That, in the end, is why Archives and Special Collections is here - to inspire some of the questions, and to provide some of the answers. Just click on an image to see it larger. Please note that download speeds may vary.

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