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Science Center

The Fredonia Science Center is being planned by Mitchell/Giurgola Architects LLP, an outstanding firm based in New York City with a world-wide reputation for excellence in the design of academic and scientific research facilities.

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Construction starts: Summer 2011
Project completion: July 2014

Currently, the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs (click to see entire list) at Fredonia are housed in four different buildings. This will change with the construction of Fredonia's new Science Center and the renovation of Houghton Hall. These buildings will be connected to form a unified complex known as the Fredonia Science Center. The entire complex (see a footprint layout) will be 101,000 net square feet (188,000 gross).

The new building, currently in design, is 57,415 net square feet (92,000 gross) and will cost $60 million. 

Occupants of the newly constructed Science Center will be: Departments of Biology and Chemistry and Biochemistry, along with faculty supportive of Environmental Studies and Science Education.

The Administrative Suite will have offices for: Department Chairpersons for Biology and Chemistry and Biochemistry, and directors for Science Education and Health Professions Advising Program

Renovated Houghton Hall will eventually house: Departments of Physics, Geosciences, Mathematical Sciences, and Computer and Information Science. 

Current Status per Facilities Planning Office: Click here and select "Science Technology Building (SUCF Project)" for the latest details>>


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