Townhouse Village

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This aerial map of campus shows the proposed location of the Townhouse Village currently in design. Brigham Road is at far left, and Ring Road is the arced thoroughfare on the lower right. 

Construction starts: Fall 2013

Apartment living on campus is planned with the construction of a Townhouse Village nestled into a site between the softball and baseball fields. A "front-porch" approach is being taken to promote the neighborhood feel for this unique community. Each townhouse unit will contain four single bedrooms, two full bathrooms, a kitchen, living and dining area, areas of storage, and laundry.  A community building will include a mailroom, recreation and meeting space as well as a kitchen. Outside the buildings, the area will be developed to include walkways, yards, parking, and landscaping. 

Current Status per Facilities Planning Office: Click here and select "Townhouse Residence Hall (DASNY Project)" for the latest details>>

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