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James Piorkowski, Distinguished Professor
Evan Drummond

About the area:

The Classical Guitar Program at the Fredonia School of Music is long-established, well respected, and is one of the largest and most active programs in the nation. We offer solid foundational training in technique and historical interpretation, plenty of performing opportunities, and a variety of ensemble experiences.

Studio Instruction

Weekly individual lessons focus on establishing technical skills, with special attention given to developing proper physical control. Students learn to play with efficient movement and a responsive coordination of both hands and mind. 

The main objective is for the student to be able to insightfully interpret music through the refined and expressive voice of the classical guitar. By being equipped with the tools of a developed technique, one’s musical ideals can then be realized.

Recital Seminar

This weekly seminar is designed for the student to learn how to perform by performing regularly. These sessions allow the student to develop essential performance skills such as self-confidence and musical communication.

Student Ensembles

Fredonia Guitar Ensemble - The student will explore a varied repertoire of original works and transcriptions, while developing ensemble playing abilities and sight-reading skills.

Fredonia Guitar Quartet - Members perform music of a high caliber from the library of the Buffalo Guitar Quartet. This touring ensemble has performed in Europe, South America and in the United States.

Guitar Chamber Ensemble - The student is presented with the invaluable opportunity to learn and perform chamber music with other instruments, such as voice, violin, flute, etc. 

International Study

A one-semester study abroad program has been developed for students to study at the Conservatorio Superior de Musica Manuel Castillo de Sevilla, Spain, or at the Instituto Universitario de Estudios Musicales in Caracas, Venezuela.


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