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Don't get caught in the snow! Sign up for NY Alert
Monday, November 30, 2009

Make sure you hear the latest weather-related information — as well as any other emergency notification news — by signing up today for NY Alert.  It’s easy. Here’s how:

Students: Instructions for signing up

  1. Go to our homepage ( and click on the “Your Connection” link (in the lower left or in the e-services tab)
  2. Log in with your Fred ID# or Social Security Number and Password

    What Is NY Alert?

    NY-ALERT is maintained by the New York State Emergency Management Office. It is used to send information regarding serious safety issues to the entire campus community in response to any event or situation which poses a serious safety concern. This system is one of a number of alert mechanisms used during such an emergency, but is the only alert system which sends messages directly to users individually.

    Campus closures and class cancellations created by dangerous travel conditions are included in the alerts you will receive.

    The system itself and the data you provide to the system will not be used for any other campus information broadcast.

    The system is capable of sending email, recorded voice and text messages to multiple addresses and phone numbers that you provide.

    Participation is strongly encouraged but completely voluntary.

    It is provided to you at no cost (except for any charges assessed by your wireless service provider), and only a single email address is required to participate.

  3. Click on the “Personal Information” link on the Main Menu, then on “Emergency Alert Contact Information (NY-Alert)”
  4. If you have not previously registered for NY-Alert, you will be given two choices. Click the first, “I would like to register for this service now and receive any alerts sent to the campus community.” Then click continue.
  5. Enter an e-mail address(es) and phone number(s) (no dashes) to receive NY-Alert messages, then click continue.
  6. Confirm the information by clicking, “Register me with NY-Alert,”

Faculty and staff: Instructions for signing up

  1.  Go to the SUNY home page at:
  2. Click on Faculty, Staff and Employment
  3. Click on SUNY Secure Sign-On in the right-hand column; Select “Fredonia” from the drop-down menu and then sign on using your SUNY Fredonia User ID and Password.
  4. Click on SUNY Emergency Contact system in the right-hand column.
  5.  Complete the form as indicated; it will ask for your name, affiliation (employee, student or other) campus, e-mail address(es), telephone numbers (with area code – no dashes) for voice and text messaging, text messaging provider, and fax number (if applicable).
  6. Then click, “Submit” at the bottom, which will take you to another form to review. Then click, “Confirm.” You will receive a message that your entry was submitted successfully to the SUNY Emergency Alert System.

If your contact information changes in the future; simply log into the site again and make the appropriate changes.

If you have any questions, please contact the SUNY Fredonia  Office of Environmental Health and Safety at 673-3796.

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