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Chamber joins SellingHive to help members increase sales
Friday, March 11, 2011

SellingHive and Chautauqua Chamber Press Conference
SellingHive and Chautauqua Chamber of Commerce announce their new partnership in using social networking to build relationships for local businesses.

The Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce announces it has partnered SellingHive Corporation, an internet company based in the SUNY Fredonia Technology Incubator.

SellingHive is a social networking technology that facilitates working relationships between buyers and sellers.

By joining SellingHive’s Affiliate Program, the Chamber will help its members generate new revenue using the SellingHive service when the site launches next quarter, while giving SellingHive the benefit of working closely with Chautauqua County businesses.

“SellingHive solves a problem for many businesses looking to grow or expand into new markets,” stated Todd Tranum, President/CEO, Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce. “Leveraging social networking technologies, SellingHive connects the maker of a product with sellers and buyers. This platform will help businesses throughout the region identify new opportunities and grow into new markets.”

“As Chambers and Associations seek to add value to their members, we are providing new tools to help Chamber members increase sales,” stated Bob Richardson, Executive Vice President & co-Founder of - SellingHive. “We look forward to the future as we grow our company here in Chautauqua County and help support the members of the Chamber of Commerce.”

“The technology platform that has been presented by SellingHive has the potential to help our company access new customers and reduce our costs of entry to new markets,” stated David Dawson, President, Dawson Metal Company.

"As we look at new product development and opportunities to expand into new markets, the SellingHive presents us with an efficient and cost effective way to access sales support and identify buyers for our products,” stated Chris Lanski, President, Excelco/Newbrook.

“We see the potential to utilize SellingHive to help our company grow and expand our business,” stated Ron Mazany, President, Mazany Contract Interiors. “Identifying and then connecting to new buyers of our products and services is an expensive and time consuming endeavor, utilizing Selling Hive there is potential to make those connections faster and at a lower cost.”
Chamber members receive added value through this partnership since they will be provided with free SellingHive membership until 2012. In addition, Chamber members will receive free training and consultation on how to utilize SellingHive to increase profits through higher sales and cost savings.

SellingHive is a website that helps businesses increase sales by using social networking technology to create connections between sales people and companies. SellingHive provides businesses with tools to organize a comprehensive sales strategy. Using the SellingHive toolkit, companies can expand into new territories, industries or difficult-to-reach prospects without significant upfront investment.

For more information visit the SellingHive website at or the Chamber of Commerce at The Chamber can also be reached by calling 716-484-1101 or 716-366-6200. 

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