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Green Expo features electronics recycling, free CFL bulbs
Wednesday, March 16, 2011

CFL Giveaway
Students from SUNY Fredonia’s Campus Climate Challenge group handed out CFL bulbs at a Fredonia Farmers’ Market event last fall. They will distribute more than 1,800 bulbs at the Green Expo on March 26.

Electronics Recycling 2010
Last year’s Household Electronics Recycling Day generated over 130,000 pounds of material which filled five tractor trailers. This year’s event takes place on the SUNY Fredonia campus in the Steele Hall lot.

SUNY Fredonia will hold its annual Green Expo on Saturday, March 26, inside and adjacent to the campus’ Steele Hall athletics complex, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The event is free and open to the public.

Residents from across Western New York are invited to attend, which features more than 50 exhibitors, vendors, and organizations with environmentally responsible products, services or concepts who will provide information on “green” alternatives to fundamental household and consumer needs.

“So much of what we purchase can be done with a more sustainable focus,” said Dr. Sherri Mason, a Chemistry/Environmental Sciences professor at SUNY Fredonia. “But many times people are surprised to learn that a choice that is better for the environment is also better for their wallets. These vendors will show you how many Earth-friendly choices can save you money too.”

Dr. Mason is a member of the Fredonia Academic Community Engagement (FACE) Center, as well as the campus’ Sustainability Committee, both of which are sponsoring the event, along with TJ’s Heating and Plumbing and KIX 96.5 FM, which will be broadcasting live from the event.

As a part of the Expo, attendees can clean out old, unwanted household electric items during SUNY Fredonia’s fourth annual Household Electronic Recycling Day. It is also free and will take place in the Steele Hall parking lot. People disposing of items should put them in the trunk or bed of their car or truck, and the items will be removed by student and staff volunteers from the university.

Acceptable items include computers, monitors, terminals, laptops, hard drives, keyboards, computer mice, cell phones, MP3 players, cables, printers, modems, speakers, televisions, VCRs, CD/DVD players, electronic games, cameras, radios, fax machines, typewriters, batteries and power tools, toner/inkjet cartridges, electronic pencil sharpeners, cassette players, cordless phones, home paper shredders, walkie talkies, answering machines, scanners and chargers.

“We are thrilled to once again offer this important service to the campus and community,” said SUNY Fredonia Director of Facilities Services Kevin Cloos. “Our first electronics recycling event generated just 29,000 pounds of materials. Last year, however, that skyrocketed to more than 130,000 pounds of material — 65 tons which filled five tractor trailers.”

The electronics recycling portion of the day ends at 2 p.m., although organizers encourage participants to stay and experience the many other things happening at the Green Expo.

One of those is a compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulb give away, led by Dr. Christina Jarvis, Community Projects Coordinator for the FACE Center. At last year’s expo, Dr. Jarvis and her students distributed 1,350 bulbs, which equates to a total energy savings of more than $87,000 over traditional incandescent lights. This year, thanks to a grant from NRG Energy, whose Dunkirk facility employees will be on hand to assist as well, 1,800 CFL bulbs will be handed out.

Attendees will receive two ENERGY STAR® CFLs per person (one 13-watt and one 23-watt). CFLs last seven to 10 times longer and use 75 percent less energy than incandescents, according to the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), whose website states, “If every household in New York switched five bulbs to ENERGY STAR® CFLs, it could save $432 million in electric costs and greenhouse gas emissions reductions — the equivalent of taking 340,000 cars off the road.”

“We can’t all agree on what America’s energy future should be, but we can agree on the fact that we need to conserve energy,” said Dr. Jarvis. “Thanks to NRG’s generosity, this event will help community members become more comfortable with CFLs while promoting energy conservation.”

This year’s expo also includes “A Sustainable Taste of Chautauqua” section, which will feature menu items from local restaurants that use organic and locally grown foods.

To learn more about the expo, contact Dr. Mason at 673-3292 or Dr. Jarvis at 673-3430, or visit

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