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Music is centerpiece of PAC's new production, "Homemade Fusion"
Monday, November 14, 2011

PAC's "Homemade Fusion" cast and crew
Cast of "Homemade Fusion," on stage (Diers Recital Hall) at SUNY Fredonia Nov. 16 and 17.  Click for full pic>>

Front row, seated, left to right: Vaughn Butler, Allie Miron, Deanna Jelardi, Rebecca Edmunds

Second row: Eamon Rayhn, Dani Izzo, Ryan Glynn

Third row: Rachel Mulcahy, Claire Walton, Sophie Howes

Last row: Richard Rosenthal, Talent Davis, Nick Stevens

Steven Russell, music director of the upcoming show by the student-run Performing Arts Company, is excited about the show he and his cohorts are presenting this week. Running on Wednesday and Thursday, "Homemade Fusion", is a musical revue, which means that it is a compilation of songs with minimal dialogue. It features 13 talented singer/actors who are students at SUNY Fredonia.

"Homemade Fusion" was composed by Michael Kooman, with lyrics by Christopher Dimond. It will be performed in Diers Recital Hall on Wednesday, Nov. 16 at 9 p.m., and Thursday, Nov. 17 at 7 p.m.

"One interesting fact about this production is that the 'pit musicians will be the performers themselves," Russell said. "Several of the singers play musical instruments, such as guitar, bass, ukelele, violin and more, and they will be playing for each other's songs.  This show contains a wide variety of songs, styles, and genres that will appeal to anyone. From comedic to powerful, pop/rock to classical, it has something for everyone." Russell is a sophomore BFA musical theatre major.

"Each performer has a solo and a featured small ensemble piece, so there isn't really a clear definition of lead actors," he noted.

The cast members are: 

  • Vaughn Butler, junior BFA Musical Theatre
  • Talent Davis, sophomore Business Administration, concentration in Music Business
  • Ryan Glynn, transfer BFA Acting
  • Becca Edmunds, senior BFA Musical Theatre
  • Sophie Howes, junior BFA Musical Theatre
  • Dani Izzo, sophomore BFA Musical Theatre
  • Deanna Jelardi, junior BFA Musical Theatre
  • Allie Miron, sophomore BFA Musical Theatre
  • Rachel Mulcahy, senior BFA Musical Theatre
  • Eamon Rayhn, junior BFA Acting
  • Richard Rosenthal, senior BFA Musical Theatre
  • Nick Stevens, junior BFA Musical Theatre
  • Claire Walton, senior BFA Musical Theatre

PAC-sponsored side projects:

  • "Brilliant Traces", by Cindy Lou Johnson. Starring Lisa Michaels (senior BFA Musical Theatre), Sean Marciniak (senior BFA Acting); Fenton 105;  November 30 (9 p.m.), December 1 (9 p.m.)
  • Staged Reading of "Our Lady of 121st Street", by Stephen Adly Guirgis; Directed by Matt Antar (senior BFA Acting); dates to be determined
  • "Weightless", an original production. Details to be announced. 

Future PAC full productions:

PAC 2:

  • The Little Dog Laughed; directed by Anthony Colon; March 30, 31, April 1 in the Bartlett Theater

PAC Spring Experimental:

  • [title of show] <--- that actually is the name of the show, with brackets and all; directed by Hilda Myer, with music direction by Arthur Lewis;  April 26, 27 in the Bartlett Theater


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