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Science Center naming has begun; reflecting meaningful history of campus and community life
Monday, December 12, 2011

Fredonia Science Center

 Named so far:

  • Schall Informal Teaching Space
  • Cahill Informal Teaching Space
  • Anonymous Informal Teaching Space (name to be announced)
  • Gavin Aerie
  • Anonymous Auditorium (name to be announced)
  • Kaminski General Chemistry Teaching Lab
  • Lake Shore Savings Science Education Teaching Lab
  • Yudenfreund-Sujka Biology Department Chair Office 
  • Marletta Conference Room
  • Falcone Greenhouse
  • Costello Reading Room
  • Carnahan-Jackson Research Lab
  • Carnahan Smart Classroom
  • Moos Organic Lab

 The Development office is sending alumni and SUNY Fredonia friends information and artist’s conceptions of the spaces, informing them of the naming opportunities. Interest began immediately.

“Many folks talk about giving back to Fredonia. This is a tangible way to give back and affect students in the sciences for years to come,” Gossett said.

Science Center naming opportunities website>>


Construction of the new Fredonia Science Center (sketch at right) is creating new and attractive naming opportunities for SUNY Fredonia alumni and friends to help elevate science education to a new level. And even before the building’s foundation began to take shape in November, a number of supporters had already begun to step forward with contributions and pledges to the Fredonia College Foundation.

“I think there’s a good feeling about being part of something so exciting for the campus. This is something tangible, the first new academic building since Thompson Hall was built 40 years ago,” said Betty Gossett, associate vice president for Development. “In many cases, people can be a part of helping students achieve success in the same fields in which they have been successful.”

More than 65 different naming opportunities found throughout the facility will recognize private support for science learning and student-faculty research activities that distinguish SUNY Fredonia. Attractive wall plaques will be mounted in corresponding areas to recognize supporters at all funding levels.

Donor levels, beginning at $5,000 for informal teaching areas and display cases, have been established for nearly all spaces within the 90,000 square-foot building. Classrooms, teaching and research laboratories, faculty offices and conference rooms as well as several high profile areas – such as the science courtyard, science balcony, atrium and observatory – are among spaces still available, as is naming of the $60 million facility.

A gift of $5 million would name the building itself.

Individual naming gifts have already been pledged for the 120-seat auditorium, some teaching and research labs and informal teaching spaces, a department chair office, conference room, greenhouse and one of two “smart” classrooms.

Individual gifts up to $25,000 are being pooled into an endowment that will support general needs, such as equipment purchases, of the STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) that will be located in the Fredonia Science Center. A separate, named endowment to a support scholarship, learning activity or resource of the donor’s choice will be created by each gift of over $25,000.

Two examples of the former include the Schall and Cahill Informal Teaching Spaces, located on different floors between two faculty offices and furnished with benches and writing boards. Dr. Susan Schall (’81) has honored her parents, Dr. William and Carol Schall, with a first-floor space as a Christmas gift. Christopher (’93) and Cathy Cahill dedicated a space on the third floor in memory of Robert Secker (’93), a friend and former classmate.

The Science Education Teaching Lab, to bear the name of Lake Shore Savings, is an example of the latter. This gift will establish an endowment to encourage active engagement in outreach to regional schools targeted to middle and high school students. The objective is to engage students in sciences and encourage consideration of science as a higher education/career aspiration.

Dr. Shari Yudenfreund-Sujka (’78) is dedicating the Biology department chair office for two emeriti professors, Drs. Kevin Fox and Allen Benton.

Other areas of the Science Center will bear the following names: the Marletta Conference Room, named by Michael Marletta ('73); the Falcone Greenhouse, named by Joseph (’74) and Jane (Schuster) Falcone (‘74); the Costello Reading Room, named for Dennis (’72) and Kathryn Costello; the Carnahan-Jackson Research Lab, by the Carnahan-Jackson Foundation; the Carnahan Smart Classroom named by David H. Carnahan; and the Moos Organic Lab, by Dr. Walter Moos and Dr. Susan Miller, in memory of Walter’s father, Dr. Gilbert Moos, who taught Organic Chemistry for many years.

“I think the motivation is very unique to the individual making that gift. The naming gift can carry the donor’s name or it can honor or memorialize someone close to the donor. Most supporters want to be part of the excitement of the new building; they recognize what it means to the campus and the students,” Gossett said.

Laboratories, of which there are 10 on the first floor, and faculty offices, found on three levels, are among the more widely available naming opportunities. “Our goal is to name every public space in the science center,” Gossett said. The Development office is reaching out to science alumni and SUNY Fredonia friends with mailings that present an artist’s conception of the building and various website listings that include daily webcam views of the construction scene and a blog by Dr. Holly Lawson, project shepherd. Interest in the new building has been spurred by construction that began this past summer.

“Many folks talk about giving back to Fredonia. This is a tangible way to give back and affect students in the sciences for years to come,” Gossett said.

Among major naming opportunities that have taken place elsewhere on campus are the Cathy and Jesse Marion Art Gallery, Rosch Recital Hall, Williams Center, Steele Hall, Bob Steele Multipurpose Room, Maytum Rehearsal Halls and Carnahan-Jackson Center.

For more information about naming opportunities at the Fredonia Science Center, contact Gossett at or 716-673-3321.

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