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SEFA sets 2013 campaign goal to $46,000, seeks full participation
Monday, October 21, 2013

Full participation by SUNY Fredonia faculty and staff is being sought for this year's SEFA campaign, the State Employees’ Federated Appeal for community services.

Kathy Dyckes and Sue Frietas are serving as co-chairs of the campus campaign. The committee has set a goal of $45,000 for the 2013 SEFA Campaign at SUNY Fredonia. In addition to Ms. Dykes and Ms. Freitas, committee members include Dr. Justin Conroy, Sally Crist, Michael Daley, Linda Ippolito, Megan Mackowiak and Ray Rushboldt.

SUNY Fredonia employees who donate before Nov. 22 are eligible to win prizes in a raffle to be drawn on Dec. 5. For information on participating agencies, as well as a pledge forms, visit the SUNY Fredonia SEFA website.

Donations can be made by payroll deductions or check (donations in the form of cash can no longer be accepted). There is a solicitor in almost every department on campus to take donations. Donations can go directly to an agency or it will be spread among the different agencies that most need it.

SEFA is the single combined campaign for employees of New York State, providing funds year-round to support health and human service agencies who aid people of all ages and backgrounds in our region and statewide. It works in conjunction with the United Way Foundation, aiding those in need.

An investment of $1 each pay check for a year will provide:

• One month's discount rate medication for a kidney disease patient; or

• One safety syringe and one pair of latex gloves to ensure proper workplace safety and protection; or

• One potential donor to be typed for the Bone Marrow Registry; or

• One wig for a patient who has lost his/her hair due to chemotherapy.

An investment of $3 each pay check for a year will provide:

• Ongoing therapy to a child from a hospice worker; or

• Shipping and importation cost for $800 of medical and supplies into Mexico; or

• Three months of counseling sessions for a family dealing with Alzheimer's; or

• School books for two children in the Philippines.

An investment of $5 each pay check for a year will provide:

• 16 hours of Helpline calls for Alzheimer's and cancer caregivers and patients; or

• 10 hours of home care for an aging senior; or

• Medicine to treat 30 people with River Blindness.

An investment of $10 each pay check for a year will provide:

• One week of Asthma Camp for an asthmatic child; or

• One month of milk for an orphaned child in Romania or

• 16 hours of research on the causes and cures for leukemia.

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