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Professor Gerber’s summer of literature
Monday, September 14, 2015

Professor Gerber’s summer of literature

Dr. Natalie Gerber

Associate Professor Natalie Gerber of the Department of English spent her summer months conducting research, organizing panels, giving papers, and serving as an editor in activities for the American Literature Association.

The ALA is a coalition of specialized societies devoted to the study of American authors, providing new opportunities for scholarly interaction for over 25 years.

Dr. Gerber gave a paper, “Frost's Vital Sentence and a Global Theory of Spoken Grammar,” to the Robert Frost Society, a group founded in 1978 aiming to promote scholarly discussion of the poet, Robert Frost’s life and works. Gerber also serves as a board member of the society.

Gerber chaired and organized an ALA panel called "Stevens and the Natural World" for the Wallace Stevens Society, of which she holds the position of secretary and treasurer, and is associate editor of The Wallace Stevens Journal.

Additionally, she became a board member of Poetry by the Sea: A Global Conference held in May in Madison, Conn. She gave a presentation with Professor Emeritus Tom Cable of the University of Texas at Austin, “A Poet's Field Guide to the English Language: Intonation.” She also organized, "Listening to the Line," a three-day critical seminar for invited scholars.

Gerber was also an invited speaker at the Writing the Rockies conference in July 2015 in Gunnison, Colo., where she gave a talk, “Modern Verse and the Structure of Intonation,” at the 6th Annual Symposium on Poetry Criticism and organized a three-day critical seminar "From Syllable to Line."

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