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John Hausmann to perform on the sitar for the Children’s Concert Series
Wednesday, September 30, 2015

John Hausmann to perform on the sitar for the Children’s Concert Series

Guest musician John Hausmann

The Musical Journeys Program at Fredonia will continue its 10th season of free concerts with special guest musician John Hausmann on Saturday Nov. 7 at the Darwin R. Barker Library on Day Street in Fredonia.

There will be two performances, one at 10:30 a.m. and another at 11:30 a.m., each lasting a half an hour. Mr. Hausmann will be playing a sitar, which is a plucked string instrument used mainly in Indian classical music.

The free Children’s Concert Series is designed to introduce very young audiences to musical instruments. In the child-friendly environment, performers will invite the children to sit on the floor close to the musicians; family members are encouraged to bring blankets or carpet squares for the children to sit on.

"The Children's Concerts are enjoyable, child-appropriate opportunities for very young children to interact with music and musicians. For the young audience and the performers, music becomes a playmate to join in a thrilling adventure." said Jill Reese, assistant professor of music and co-organizer at the Fredonia School of Music. "During these events, learning and teaching among the children and the student musicians is mutual: children learn about music through moving, listening, and creating, and our student musicians learn to engage young imaginations and ignite new musical passions!"

The Children's Concert Series is part of the Musical Journeys Program, a community outreach project offered by the Fredonia School of Music. More information is available at or call (716) 673-4628.

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