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Vink’s new monograph published
Friday, November 06, 2015

Vink’s new monograph published

Markus Vink, professor in the Department of History, announces the publication of his new monograph from Brill Academic Publishers, “Encounters on the Opposite Coast: The Dutch East India Company and the Nayaka State of Madurai in the Seventeenth Century.”

“In Encounters on the Opposite Coast,” Dr. Vink provides a narrative of the first half century of cross-cultural interaction between the Dutch East India Company (VOC), one of the great northern European chartered companies, and Madurai, one of the '"great southern Nayakas" and successor-states of the Vijayanagara Empire, in southeast India (c. 1645-1690). A shared interest in trade and at times converging political objectives formed the unstable foundations for a complex relationship fraught with tensions, a mixture of conflict and coexistence typical of the "age of contained conflict."

Drawing extensively on archival materials, Vink covers a topic felt neglected by both company historians and their Indian counterparts and sheds important light on a "black hole in South Indian history."

Vink has published monographs and numerous articles on the Indian Ocean World, including “The Merchant-Warrior Pacified” (Oxford University Press, 1991) and “Mission to Madurai” (Manohar, 2012).

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