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Zevenbergen to travel to Poland on sabbatical
Monday, November 30, 2015

Zevenbergen to travel to Poland on sabbatical

Dr. Andrea Zevenbergen

Dr. Andrea Zevenbergen of the Department of Psychology will spend time overseas during her sabbatical during the spring semester of 2016. The main focus of her academic leave will be to travel to Warsaw, Poland, to teach classes at University of Warsaw and continue her research collaboration with Dr. Ewa Haman, who is an associate professor in the Faculty of Psychology at University of Warsaw.

Dr. Zevenbergen will teach two courses in the Warsaw International Studies in Psychology (WISP) program: Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Child and Adolescent Behavior Disorders, and Motivational Interviewing in Counseling. The WISP program is a combined five-year bachelor’s/master’s program taught in English.

Zevenbergen’s travel to Warsaw will also allow the researchers to plan for a new study. Their collaboration is in the area of parent-preschooler shared narratives, with a particular emphasis on references to communication in the shared narratives. Their cross-cultural research has been published thus far in Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology and the Polish Psychological Bulletin.

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