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Fredonia a force at AMTNYS conference
Monday, November 30, 2015

Fredonia a force at AMTNYS conference

Fredonia students proudly displaying the coveted 2015 “Dance Off” championship trophy are, front row, from left: Jacob Brostrom and Mark Soderberg; back row: Rachel Schank, Michael Scull, Sarah Mannion, Danielle Czerwinski, Holly Richardson, Nicole Sottilaro, Thomas Mellen and Michelle Persaud.

With over 30 students and faculty participating, Fredonia was well-represented at the 65th annual Conference of the Association of Mathematics Teachers of New York State held recently in Rochester.

The six faculty members, along with graduate students who worked with them on their respective presentations given at the conference, included:

  • Dr. Teodora Cox: “Lost Treasures of Mathematics Education.”
  • Dr. Keary Howard, with graduate students Elizabeth Brion, Dylan Leitner, Collhene Sikora and Emily Tronolone: “The All Digital, All Paper'less', All Pencil'less' Math Classroom.”
  • Dr. Howard, with alumnus Travis Mirabella of Cattaraugus-Little Valley Central School, and graduate students Madison Cole, Robert Rappole and Steve Sturm: “Old School vs. New School: Comparing Common Core Mathematics Assessments and Standards with Prior Ones.”
  • Dr. Michael Jabot: “Earth by the Numbers.”
  • Dr. Jamar Pickreign and Dr. Bob Rogers: “Elementary School Problem Solving within the CCLS: Posing, Puzzling, Presenting.”
  • Dr. Joseph Straight: “More Favorite Curves.”

Additional student presenters, with their respective faculty advisers and presentations, included:

Jacob Brostrom, Danielle Czerwinski, Thomas Mellen, Michael Scull, Mark Soderberg and Nicole Sottilaro, from MAED 417/419 Mathematics Methods: “Lessons with Potential from Teachers with Potential.”

Jordyn Cane, Sara Ciesielski, Shana Czekanski, Liza Ganz, Athena Gould, Stephanie Kaminski, Emily Kasprzyk, Kimberly Lotocki, Ricardo Mendiola, Madalyn Mueller, Allison Mullin, Amber Pollinger, Courtney Schmidt and Melissa Zorer, all students in Professor Rebecca Conti's MAED 303 Math for School Teachers III Class: “Make It - Take It.”

Undergraduates Sarah Anne Mannion, Michelle Persaud, Holly Richardson and Rachel Schank also attended. All students served as session presiders.

Alumni presenters, their respective schools and faculty advisers, included:

Mr. Mirabella, Cattaraugus-Little Valley Central School, with Dr. Howard: “Old School vs. New School: Comparing Common Core Mathematics' Assessments & Standards with Prior Ones.”

Amanda Pacanowski, Fredonia Central School: “Back(channel) to the Future.”

Heather Zuch, SUNY Buffalo State: “Student-Centered vs. Teacher-Centered Instruction Research.”

Karen Schrader, Cassadaga Valley Central School: “Mini-projects that Align to Grades 7-9 Common Core Standards.”

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