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Walters brings student project to journal
Friday, February 19, 2016

Walters brings student project to journal

Dr. Lisa Walters

An article stemming from a project by students in a Product and Operations Management II taught by Dr. Lisa Walters of the School of Business was recently published in the journal ASQ Quality Progress.

The article, “Under Advisement” uses Six Sigma and the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMIAC) process to demonstrate how to improve academic advising at Fredonia. The article was submitted over a year ago to the journal, but was published in February because it aligned well with the theme of the month’s issue of ASQ Quality Progress.

The students involved, Samuel Tetens, Angela Southwick, Jonathon Bellardo, David Adamczak and Karen Magnuson, have since graduated from Fredonia. They presented their project to Erie, Pa., and Jamestown ASQ members who then suggested submitting it to the academic journal. Since the students were graduating, Walters wrote the article, sent it to the students for editing and submitted the article to the journal. Most of the students involved in the project have since moved on to pursue degrees or careers related to quality and quality processes.

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