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Lillie writes chapter in language, immigration, naturalization book
Friday, April 29, 2016

Lillie writes chapter in language, immigration, naturalization book

Dr. Karen Lillie

Karen E. Lillie, assistant professor in the College of Education's Department of Language, Learning, and Leadership, has published a new chapter, "'The ELD Classes Are...Too Much and We Need To Take Other Classes To Graduate': Arizona's Restrictive Language Policy and the Dis-Citizenship of ELs," that appears in the book "Language, Immigration, and Naturalization: Legal and Linguistic Issues,” edited by Ariel Loring and Vai Ramanathan through Multilingual Matters.

The volume focuses on the everyday legalities and practicalities of naturalization that include governmental processes, the language of citizenship tests and classes, the labeling and lived experiences of immigrants/outsiders and the media’s interpretation of this process.

Scholars from a wide range of specialties who accentuate language and raise issues that often remain unarticulated or masked in the media are brought together in the book. The contributors highlight how governmental policies and practices affect native-born citizens and residents differently on the basis of legal status.

Moreover, the authors observe that many issues that are typically seen as affecting immigrants (such as language policies, nationalist identities and feelings of belonging) also impact first-generation native-born citizens who are seen as, or see themselves as, outsiders.

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