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Inaugural student programming contest held
Thursday, April 27, 2017

Inaugural student programming contest held

The Department of Computer Science, with the help of the Computer Science Club, held its first Fredonia Student Programming Contest on April 21.


Seven teams with 20 students in total competed for two hours. In addition to students in computer science, the student mathematics club was involved and there was a team of math students.

The first three placing teams and members included: Team 1: Daniel Luong, Justin D Kieber-King and Anthony Shibatov; Team 2: Dakota Wicker, Alexander O'Hare and Chance Moore; and Team 3: Sam McCage, Lee DeaKyu and Tim Coccarelli.

There were four problems presented in the competition and it took 71 minutes for Team 1 to solve all the problems, while Team 2 spent 107 minutes. Team 3 solved three problems in 92 minutes. The next placing teams solved two problems, while two other teams each solved one problem, and the last placing team did not solve any of the challenges.

Plans for the future include HTML design in addition to compute science problem-solving, and the possibility of including teams from other area colleges.

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