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Fredonia staffers attend Resident Assistant Conference at Brockport
Thursday, November 09, 2017

Fredonia staffers attend Resident Assistant Conference at Brockport

A large contingent from Residence Life at Fredonia – three residence directors (RDs) and 11 residence assistants (RAs) – attended The College at Brockport’s 35th Resident Assistant Conference on Nov. 4. Staff and students joined sessions devoted to three topics: wellness, community building and programming, and social justice and diversity.

Fredonia Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services Cedric Howard inspired students and staff members from nearly 15 participating schools as the keynote speaker. The conference was a great way for RAs to network and make connections with other student leaders and many RAs found it to be a beneficial learning experience.

Five RAs and one RD were also given the opportunity to present to fellow students and colleagues. Patrick Hart, RA in University Commons, and Tommy Linares, RA in Chautauqua Hall, presented on “Advance Situations Labs.” The lab consisted of six different situations; each school was able to explain how it would handle a specific situation.

“It’s great because we got to discuss the best method for handling these situations and it changed our outlook,” Mr. Linares said.

Curtis Henry, RA in Chautauqua Hall, gave a presentation, “Going Beyond How Are You,” which focused on mental health and addiction. Mr. Henry appreciated being given the platform to discuss something that he’s passionate about and to “educate others about a really pertinent issue that relates to our jobs as RAs, and I’m certainly grateful for the experience.”

Other presentations by the Fredonia staff included “LGBT+/MOGII Community” by Caiden Igoe, RA in Eisenhower Hall, and Kristen Brignone, RD in Alumni Hall and “The Diversity Wheel” by Kaylee Eaton, RA in Disney Hall.

Also attending the conference were RD William Hernandez of Chautauqua Hall, RD Jacquelynn Akins of Eisenhower Hall, RA Shannon McCracken of Hemingway Hall, RA Ally Sievers of Nixon Hall, RA Daniell Jacobs of Eisenhower Hall, RA Jalen Wright of Gregory Hall, RA Fred DiLorenzo of McGinnies Hall and RA Lucas Butchko of Nixon Hall.

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