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New entrance at Brigham will feature Stadium Gateway
Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Architect's drawing of Stadium and Gateway circle

Designs for the new Brigham Road entrance to campus will create a dramatic emphasis on University Stadium. New plantings and a masonry block sitting wall, along with 60 new trees, are part of the design.

The Brigham Road entrance to SUNY Fredonia’s campus is closed until further notice while crews undertake a redesign  of Lake Way Drive and the parking area in front of University Stadium

Plans call for transforming this entrance to create an attractive roadway to, and dramatic highlight of, the new University Stadium Gateway Building, Vice President for Administration Tracy S. Bennett announced.

The project includes constructing a new traffic circle at the entrance to University Stadium. Providing an area for drop off and pick up at the main gates to the stadium, the traffic circle will be beautified with many new plantings and a masonry block sitting wall.  In addition, more than 60 trees will be planted along Lake Way Drive and the adjacent parking lot.

Vice President Bennett said that Lake Way Drive and two parking lots are currently closed, and at times, pedestrian traffic along the walkway at Ring Road will be restricted due to the installation of a new walkway. 

Currently, crews are removing the existing asphalt walkway and curbing along the roadway. 


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