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Maytum Hall Relocation map
Monday, June 29, 2009

Maytum Hall is undergoing renovations and all offices except the Computing Services Center on the first floor have been relocated to other areas until Summer 2010. The list of offices and the number of their location (corresponding to the map alongside) are listed below.


Offices & New Locations

Academic Affairs Office... 1 (Reed Library)
Accounting ...6 (modular offices)
Administration ...6 (modular offices)
Budget Office ... 6 (modular offices)
Dean of Arts/Humanities ...1 (Reed Library)
Dean of Education...1 (Reed Library)
Dean of Natural/Social Scii ...1 (Reed Library
Credit Union ...5 (Williams Center)
Financial Aid... 5 (Williams Center)
Human Resources... 6 (modular offices)
Institutional Research/Planning
... 2 (Fenton Hall)
Internal Control ... 6 (modular offices)
ITS (Information Technology) Administration ...1 (Reed Library)
ITS Computing Services...remains at Maytum Rm. 116.
ITS Data Communications
... 1 (Reed Library)
Mail Services ...6 (modular offices)
Payroll Services...6 (modular offices)
Property Control ...6 (modular offices)
Purchasing... 6 (modular offices)
Revenue Accounting ... 5 (Williams Center)
Student Accounts ...5 (Williams Center)
Student Affairs ...4 (Gregory Hall)
Student Payroll ... 6 (modular offices)
University Services ...6 (modular offices)

Map and Key Map of Maytum Hall Relocated Offices

1. Reed Library

2. Fenton Hall

3. Fenner House (Admissions Office)

4. Gregory Hall

5. Williams Center

6. Modular offices (Park and Ride area)


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