Antonio Regulier

Meet City of Buffalo Urban Fellow

Antonio Regulier


Antonio Regulier standing behind the 311 Call and Resolution Center

(English/Social Work, Class of 2015)

English major Antonio Regulier is no stranger to success. A senior double majoring in Social Work, with minors in Leadership Studies, American Studies, Public Health, Sociology, and African American Studies, Antonio has received many of the university’s highest honors and awards, including the 2015 Lanford Presidential Prize from the Oscar and Esther Lanford Endowment of the Fredonia College Foundation, the 2014 SUNY Association of Council Members and College Trustees Excellence and Student Initiative Scholarship “honoring his outstanding academic performance and commitment to the Fredonia campus and community” (, the Keeper of the Dream Scholarship, and the Robert E. Coon Recognition Award, not to mention the 100 Black Men of America Future Leader Scholarship, the L. Michael Dimitri Scholarship, or the Mamie and Ira Jordan Minority Scholastic Achievement Award. He has also been inducted into the honor societies of Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Kappa Delta, Phi Alpha Theta, and Alpha Lambda Delta, and the Alma Mater Society, and was selected by the Fredonia Rotary chapter to participate in a regional Rotary Youth Leadership Awards camp.

But Antonio’s story is not just about awards and accolades or even his extensive campus involvement [scroll down for more]: it’s about his determination to change the world by drawing on the skills he combines from his majors. This fall, as an Urban Fellow for the City of Buffalo, he is working closely with the city’s first African-American mayor, Byron Brown, and with the Buffalo's Common Council members, administrators, program coordinators, community organizers, and citizens. He is researching, organizing, and leading a new, individual initiative that will assist in revitalizing and beautifying the City of Buffalo. This new initiative is the 311 Call and Resolution Center. In Antonio’s words, “I am working closely with the staff of the 311 Call and Resolution Center in the Division of Citizen Services to develop a Reminder of Best Practices and I am also assisting in designing the blueprint for the first-ever City of Buffalo Service Plan, which will emphasize the importance of education, community development, and sustainable change.”

When asked how his English degree has prepared him for his current internship and his future, Antonio stated, "Very often we are asked the question: What is the value of an English degree? While I cannot speak for all my peers, I can say that my English degree has made me a conscious, more alert, and intellectual being. The English department faculty has exposed me to writers, poets, authors, and philosophers that challenge my perception of the world and force me out of my comfort zone. Originally, I declared the English major as a supplement to my primary degree in Social Work. However, the English major has done much more than complement my primary degree. It has taught me the importance of giving back to my community. I can analyze and assess complex issues; I can breakdown concepts; I can express myself. My English degree has given me confidence, especially in this internship, because my colleagues and the administrators value my work. I am able to draw upon material from my classes and bring novel ideas to the City of Buffalo. My English degree has made me knowledgeable, articulate, and most importantly, a thought-provoking individual.”

Great work, Antonio, and good luck in your future endeavors!

*Note: Antonio, a Haitian native from Roosevelt, N.Y., also has extensive campus involvement, including participating in the Honors program and Leadership Development Program, serving as president of the Student Association and the Fredonia Chapter of Amnesty International; vice president of Brother to Brother Club; chair of Diversity Relations Committee; a member of the Fredonia Mock Trial team, Undergraduate Alumni Council, Golden Key International Honour Society, events chair for the Black Student Union, a Student Ambassador, Summer Orientation Leader and student manager in the Office of Campus Life; and a tutor with the Upward Bound Program at Dunkirk High School.

Antonio also serves as a student representative to the National Association of Social Workers of New York State Chapter Board of Directors. After graduation, he will continue his work in state and federal government internships and in the Fall of 2016, he hopes to be enrolled in an Advanced Master's of Social Work program. Ultimately, Antonio plans to pursue a Juris Doctorate and work towards improving laws and policies affecting immigrants and refugees.