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Hamlet, NY Artesian Flowing Well

Hamlet, NY Artesian Flowing Well Water Discharge in gallons per minute

Characteristics: Vertical steel 3-diameter pipe, that is 15ft deep, and rises to 1ft above ground where it connects to PVC elbow pipe that drops water into 30 sq, 1ft depth concrete cistern (open top). Overflow travels in road ditch to stream ~ 100 ft east; completed approximately 1930. Anecdotal evidence from several passerby, unknown to each other, indicates that cessation of flow occured for several days or weeks during late summer 1999; otherwise, during our dates of collection, we have only observed flow to cease in mid-August and the end of September of 2007 (our specific dates of observations were 8/14/07 and 9/28/07).
Aquifer: Well is in large alluvial fan, tributary to West Branch of Conewango Creek.
Remarks: Flow rates are determined by marked bucket and stop watch from 8 or more trials, eliminating highest and lowest values, then averaging. Bucket is held in cistern with PVC pipe resting on edge of concrete wall; if PVC pipe is out of cistern and not supported, then less flow is measured

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