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Section I: Demographic Analysis
Cultural Diversity
Births and Deaths

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Community Health Assessment

SECTION I: Demographic Profile of Chautauqua County

The Chautauqua County Department of Health 2007 Community Health Assessment contains a narrative and statistical description of Chautauqua County's population, and an analysis of a variety of topics and issues related to health risk factors, needs, and service planning and delivery.

This Community Health Assessment is designed for use as a standard hardcopy document and as an active website, which will provide access to a great deal of additional information. When the CHA is read online, or when it is read from a disk containing the linked material, active links are indicated by bold blue letters. When the CHA is read in hardcopy form, the links indicate additional material that is available online.

To begin reading the CHA online, click on one of the topics from the table of contents or on the sidebar.

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